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Gear Inventory & Crew List 
Equipment is provided through Between Pictures & our partners at The Confectionery. Extensive crew list is available. 

Contact for customized packages, logistics, and quotes.

Note: Entire inventory is not listed here

Arri Alexa Mini 4k

Arri Alexa Mini LF

Blackmagic Pocket 6k Pro

Blackmagic URSA

Canon 5D Mark IV / C300 / C500

Red Monstro 8k, Raptor 8k & Komodo 6k

Sony A7S III 4k, Fx3, Venice 6k

Slow Motion*

Note: Entire inventory is not listed here

Phantom Flex4k & VEO4k


Virtual Reality & 360 Video *

Note: Entire inventory is not listed here

Kandao Obsidian Pro 12k

Obsidian R 8k

GoPro Omni

Ricoh Theta ultra-wide fisheyes

nodal support & custom arrays



PL Primes & Zooms*
Note: Entire inventory is not listed here

Arri, Zeiss, Fuji, Cooke, Baltar  

Fujinon Cabrio 19-90 & GL Optics 70-200


EF Primes & Zooms*

Note: Entire inventory is not listed here

Sigma 18-35, Contax 35-70, Canon 24-70mm & Canon 70-200


Filter Kit*

Note: Entire inventory is not listed here

Oconnor Obox matte box

Various 4x5.65 Firecrest ND, rotating polarizer & softening filters prism collection with effect filters & specialty glass.

Diopters & macro adapters


Cine Teleprompters

Rod-mounted / free-standing 10” & 19” beamsplitters


Oconnor & Cartoni heads*

Can come with standard / baby legs, hi hat & wheels

Oconnor 1030B with Sachtler HotPod & dolly
Manfrotto Nitrotech 612 with Manfrotto pedestal tripod

Shoulder mount & rosette handgrips

CamWok 5000 hi hat

Camera Movement*

Note: Entire inventory is not listed here

Steadicam, stabilizers, drones, technocrane, cablecam, etc.



Note: Entire inventory is not listed here

98w & 150w gold mount camera batteries

NPF970 / DC accessory batteries

Quad & dual gold mount chargers & dual NPF chargers hotswap & various power & AC adapters

Mobile generators with crew


“HAL” Workflow Hub

Portable server & control center

with 10G network & mesh nodes

DaVinci Resolve Studio

with Phantom Fuse & ShotPut Pro

Asus WiFi 6 mesh infrastructure

with mobile failover & 10G network

MacMini M1 with 16GB RAM

Blackmagic UltraStudio 4k I/O

Teradek Cube 655 encoder

featuring FrameIO Camera2Cloud

Blackmagic ATEM TV Studio HD switcher w/ 8 inputs

Blackmagic Videohub 20x20 router & Hyperdeck recorder

Blackmagic MultiDock 10G & Blackmagic Cloud Store

DaVinci mini panel, ATEM panel & iPad Pro wireless control

CalDigit Thunderbolt 4 hubs & USB-C media readers


Monitoring Backpack

Expansion backpack for camera operator or director

wireless video ready for up to 5 transceivers + WiFi 6 node

Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro ISO switcher/encoder


Production Displays

5” TVLogic VFM & OLED operator / focus monitors

17” SmallHD P3X & FSI DM170 wireless monitor

17” TVLogic XVM production monitors

32” Samsung Frame QLED client monitors

55” LG OLED 4k monitor


Wireless Monitoring

Teradek Bolt 500 wireless SDI/HDMI transmitter & 3 receivers

Teradek Serv Pro

BirdDog RTMP/SRT/NDI encoders



Lightform LFC projection mapping  

Optomo & Epson projectors



Motion Control Turntable

Ditogear Spin 360

Note: Supports 160lbs


Note: Ready-to-shoot stabilizer in a backpack

Movi Pro Gimbal

Dana Dolly Slider with 4’ & 6’ speedrail & rolling stands


Lighting & Grip *

Note: Entire inventory is not listed here

Enormous LED, HMI, tungsten & grip package

selected on a per location basis

Note: Arri, Dedo, HMI, Kino Flo, and more are available.


Sound Recording

Boom, handheld & wireless lav mics

Sound Devices 833 & Zoom recorders & mixers


Full Pre-production crew and back office personnel

including line producers, UPMs, casting directors, payroll,

and more 

Full production crew

including ADs, camera, G&E, HMUA, production designers

and more 

Full Post-production crew

including animators, editors, CGI, stitching, UI-UX,

and more

Adobe CC, AVID, Da Vinci, Final Cut

and other workflows available

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